New Zealand-based duo draws 31 days in Belgium

Photographer Zoe Elliott and illustrator Tim Vaughan-Sanders are travelling Belgium for a month as part of an art project. With 31 original drawings, the pair hope to illustrate the country in as many days, while also raising funds for a Brussels-based charity organisation.

The project, called 31 Days In, began last year, with the couple spending a month in Barcelona. Their next destination was Western Australia, followed by a stay in Vaughan-Sanders’ hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, last March.

Elliott, who’s from Australia, captures quirky and interesting sights on her camera, which her partner then transforms into colourful, yet minimalist, illustrations. The prints, ranging from postcard- to poster-size, are sold online.

Some alude to iconic cultural symbols, others are more ambiguous. They may show a barrell organ player from Hasselt, a pair of elderly women wearing matching raincoats, or three polar bear cubs messing about on the world’s oldest printing press, in Antwerp.

A portion of all art sales will be donated to Serve the City, a Brussels-based charity. This, the artists say, is a way for them to give back to the communities they’ve visited.

Originally published in Flanders Today

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